Why is Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Better Than Israeli Argan Oil?

Whenever new products are introduced to the general public, there will be some manufacturing companies who try to outproduce the original manufactured products. This seems to be true with the products created using all natural Argan oil. The original oil is extracted from a tree known to grow in the dry soil of Morocco. Some companies located in Israel, are now recreating their own version of this tree to grow in their soil so they can produce larger quantities of this restorative oil.

People might ask the question, why is Moroccan Argan oil better than Israeli Argan oil?100ml Pure Argan Oil

This oil has been extracted from the native Moroccan trees for centuries. The traditional method of extraction is for the native people to find the nuts or seeds from the tree and press them to extract the oil the seeds release. For the most part, this process is still used by the Moroccan companies who manufacture this oil for use in the beauty products sold today. The companies do use machines to press out the oil rather than employ workers to do it by hand, but the trees they use are still the original species native to the country.

Argan Oil from Israel

The Israeli companies developed their own strain of the Moroccan tree, which they have named Argan 100. The new super tree is designed to produce more fruit, which in turn produces more seeds. The question remains as to whether the new strain has the same restorative properties for its oil as the original tree. The oil from the Moroccan tree is used to create hair and skin care products which have the ability to heal and sooth damaged skin cells or hair. The oil can be massaged into the scalp to relieve psoriasis or eliminate dry scalp.

Ethical Issues

When you buy ethically sourced Pure Moroccan Argan Oil the money helps the local citizens improve their environment, providing clean water wells and better education for children. Argan Oil has been part of the Moroccan culture for centuries and it’s important that it remains Moroccan to help support the local economy. The Moroccan government plans to triple annual production of Argan Oil to (2,500-4,000 tonnes) by 2020.

The producers of Israeli Argan 100 aim to cash in on the Argan tree, driving down prices and relieving the Moroccan women growers of their highly prised commodity.

We will only ever sell 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil as we want to help the Moroccan people and their economy grow.

People who want to use only the original product should make sure the label indicates it is pure Moroccan argan oil.

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