Helpful Tips On How To Use Pure Argan Oil Effectively As A Hair Conditioner

Pure Argan Oil for Skin & Hair. Rich. 100% Pure & Additive Free.There has been a lot of talk about the new wonder oil known as argan. This oil has the ability to restore dull damaged hair as well as skin. People who want to use this product on their hair might be wondering how to use pure argan oil effectively as a hair conditioner. This question might arise because oil is not usually the type of substance associated with clean healthy hair.

The key to having the oil be effective in conditioning is to use it in very small amounts and to work into the hair and scalp. The products available as argan oil include some made with the oil as an ingredient along with other ingredients, and some made only as pure oil.

How it Works!

Despite the word oil in its name, this pure Moroccan plant derivative, will condition hair and leave it with a healthy sheen. This is because the tree it is extracted from grows in a very arid region, which makes the oil have properties designed to heal and restore dry or damaged hair. The oil also contains fatty acids and nutrients such as vitamin E which also work to improve the condition of damaged, dry or lifeless hair. The oil can be applied to the scalp using the hands and gently massaged in. The fingers should also massage the oil into the strands of hair until it is completely absorbed.

How to Use Argan Oil for Hair

The best way to apply argan oil is to use it on hair which is still damp. It should be applied after the hair has been thoroughly shampooed and partially dried with a towel. The remaining water molecules help distribute the oil evenly along the strands of hair to make sure each strand is treated. This method allows the oil to moisturize the hair and scalp better than if it were applied to hair which has been completely dried.

The oil can be applied to dry hair, to help add luster or to smooth down frizz. This should be done using very small amounts to avoid getting saturated areas that stand apart from the rest of the hair. It can be applied just to the ends of dry hair to reduce frizz and static during cold weather months. Amounts may vary according to the length and density of a person’s hair, but for best results, a whole head application on damp hair should generally not exceed an amount the size of a dime.

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