Pure Argan Oil’s First Anniversary!

Happy Birthday Pure Argan OilSince 2011 it’s been our mission to supply Moroccan Argan oil to the world. So far, feedback to date has been phenomenal.

The younger generation have been discovering the advantages to using Pure Argan Oil for breakouts and acne scarring. Men have found the one true balm which eliminates harsh razor burn and every woman who’s spoken to us simply loves its versatility, they can’t believe how many ways they can use it – people are calling it the ‘one stop’ moisturiser/conditioner. We at Pure Argan Oil are beginning to realise that this mild oil has become a staple in everyone’s prep routine.

Congratulations and best wishes have been flooding in for our first birthday and we’re happy to say that we are delighted to continue globally distributing Pure Argan oil.

The Pure Argan Oil Story

Once upon a time, in Morocco, there lived a tree ‘the tree of life’ – the fruit of this tree produced miracle oil, so pure that it made the skin and hair of the Moroccan Berbers glow. Although the climate there was semi-desert and arid, not one of the Moroccan people suffered the drying effects of the punishing sunshine because they knew the secret of the argan fruit.  When the nut was cold-pressed it produced golden oil which could be used all over the body and in their hair. They’ve been using Argan oil in Morocco for centuries and now today in 2012 Pure Argan oil is available for you.

Challenging Times

100ml Pure Argan OilNowadays we find we are living in an environment which also challenges the condition of the skin and hair of the young and old alike, Argan oil is the choice of many for its moisturising and nourishing qualities.  The main benefits of using Pure Argan oil are;

  • Skin – retains moisture, it nourishes and freshens to keep skin supple, clear & soft all over the face and body
  • Hair – banishes dryness whilst maintaining excellent condition
  • Nails – conditions cuticles and strengthens the nail bed
  • Eliminates razor burn & freshens the complexion
  • Mild enough to use on your baby’s delicate skin
  • An excellent post pregnancy skin treatment known to diminish stretch marks
  • Pure Argan oil is anti-aging and rejuvenating say ‘goodbye’ to wrinkles and ‘hello’ to fresher skin

Pure Argan Oil’s Commitment

We at Pure Argan oil are committed to bringing you this mild, rare oil and extend an invitation for you to indulge yourself  and also one luxury sized 100ml bottle is an ideal gift for that special someone.  Please remember that Pure Argan Oil is 100% cold pressed pure oil which is chemical and additive free.  Stay in the loop and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

Argan Oil Birthday Special Offer!

To celebrate our birthday wish us Happy Birthday below before 30th June and to thank you we will send you 10% off 100ml of Pure Argan Oil!

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