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“Pure Argan Oil Helped My Eczema”

EczemaThere have been many times in my life when Eczema flare-ups have left me feeling absolutely desperate. Eczema is a name for irritated dry skin and the dictionary definition states that the term (ēkzema is Greek for ‘to boil over’) for me what it feels like is being tormented and very uncomfortable. I don’t recall when it first started but do know that I’ve had Eczema for years.

I Tried Everything

My dermatologist has helped as much as possible keeping me up-to-date with the latest clinical trials and ointments that are available. I have tried every remedy there is and don’t get me wrong many have worked for short periods but I’ve never found one that keeps it at bay for long.

Then whilst holidaying in Morocco, my sister came across Argan Oil.  She bought Pure Argan Oil which has no preservatives or additives and gave me a small bottle as a gift on her return home. All that she could tell me about Argan Oil was that for hundreds of years Moroccan Berbers have used it in cooking and as a barrier against the arid weather in some parts of Morocco. The culinary oil has a nutty flavour. But the type of Argan Oil I use is 100% pure and perfume free, for the record it also has no taste.

First Impression

My sister merely thought she was buying me a moisturiser for my face, not a remedy for a painful skin condition. I tried Argan oil on my face and liked the soft, smoothness of my complexion after use, continuing to apply it on a daily basis.

100ml Pure Argan OilAnti-Inflammatory

Then my Eczema flared up at the back of my knees and the crease of my elbows, the itch was fierce and I felt like clawing off my skin. I couldn’t stop scratching away at the irritation.  I took a bath and was patting the dry sore skin in these areas and just about to apply my usual prescription moisturiser, when I decided instead to apply a few drops of Pure Argan oil.  Almost immediately I noticed the cooling sensation and to my relief the itch began to disappear and my skin cooled down.

I cried with joy!  

Over time the scarring has begun to disappear and I can use as much or as little as I like because Pure Argan oil is chemical free.

Since that evening I have been applying Argan oil on all of my ‘hotspots’ and to this day it continues to be my greatest discovery for calming down my Eczema. In addition to this, I can use it as a hair conditioner, body balm and even in the bath. Not too much oil in the bath mind you, just enough to retain the moisture in my skin.

Happy WomanSkin Clinic

Whenever I visit the Dermatology Clinic the waiting room is jammed full of people suffering or learning to live with debilitating or limiting skin conditions. Whilst sitting in the queue, invariably I’ll strike-up a conversation with other people and I always recommend they try Pure Argan Oil for themselves.

I’m not saying it works for everyone but it definitely works for me and so I’ll keep on spreading the word. Pure Argan Oil helps me and it could help others too.


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