Pure Argan Oil Versus Popular Brand Names

PureA question I am often asked is “Why is it best to use Pure Argan oil (Pure Argania Spinosa – Latin) than popular brand named products?”

At the risk of sounding too smart for my own good, the answer and main clue is in the title. Pure.

Pure Argan oil is unique. It is rare in that the Argania Spinosa tree grows and is found in Morocco. Pure Argan oil is extracted from the nuts produced by the Argania Spinosa tree and is beneficial to all types of skin.

Brand Named Argan Oil – What You Need to Know!

Brand NamesBrand named products are mass produced, contain, perfumes, additives, preservatives all blended together into a concoction of chemicals which although you may feel at first an improvement in your skin.

Over time you will find that you have to change your brand to adapt to the changes in your skin as it ages.

No one is exempt from growing older and with the help of Pure Argan Oil you can fight the process, and because it is pure, deodorised and easily absorbed you won’t have to worry about the long-term effects and have to think about switching over to another type of skin care.

The only long term effect Pure Argan oil will have on your skin is a beneficial one.

Your Skin will Thank You!

Argan Oil Sensitive SkinYour skin is the largest organ the body has. It lives and breathes, detoxifies and signifies general good health. Pure Argan oil used as a moisturiser, primer and base product does not interfere with the acid mantle which keeps your skin healthy and well balanced.

Perfumed and artificially enhanced products do and these are found in everyday brand named products. Using a favourite product year in and year out is only good if it is providing the best possible results but through time changes occur within the body. Skin absorbs and performs best when applying only natural oils that work together with the body’s own defences.

Rashes tend to occur and spots do break out when the immune system attacks brand moisturisers that are applied to the skin; with Pure Argan oil this doesn’t happen.

It’s natural and pure and additive free.

Why We Are Different!

Moroccan DoorPure Argan oil does not contain parabens these are a class of chemicals broadly used in industries producing brand named moisturisers and hair conditioners. In many formulas they are an effective preservative. A mixture of parabens and salts, are basically used for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal properties.

Parabens Are Bad for You

Parabens can be found in most of the following everyday products; food products, brand named shampoos and moisturisers, shaving foams and gels,  applied pharmaceuticals, spray tans, cosmetics and toothpastes .

They are also found as preservatives in food.

Parabens are indeed an effective preservative but Pure Argan oil has a shelf-life of eighteen months without the addition of any preservatives which is extremely good for a natural, parabens free product. Many manufacturers use parabens as a preservative because they are both cheap and effective and that’s why it is commonly found in so many brand named products.

100ml Pure Argan OilPure Argan Oil is All Natural and Free of Parabens

At Pure Argan oil we decided to keep our oil parabens free, as a consumer the choice is yours whether to use a preservative blended product or a pure, natural one such as Argan oil. People with normal skin tend to have no reaction to the addition of parabens but for those of us who have sensitive skin, dermatitis, rosaceous, eczema and psoriasis.

Pure Argan oil which is parabens free will without question give your skin and hair maximum benefit such as nature intended.


Read more About Argan Oil for the latest information on how to achieve the best results for the good health of your skin and hair.

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