All You Need to Know About Parabens

Toxic HazardThere are so many hazards best avoided these days when it comes to choosing which products to use on our bodies.

You don’t want to be exposed in any way to harmful chemicals which trigger an allergic reaction and before you know it you’re in the emergency room, suffering an anaphylactic shock and having to be injected with antihistamine.

Dramatic as this scenario sounds it does on occasion happen when people aren’t careful with what they put in or on their bodies.

Cautionary Warning

This is a cautionary warning for those of us who suspect we’re super sensitive to certain additives with the wide range of products in the marketplace today. Should you have a nut allergy then don’t risk using Argan oil. But if you’re like most people and embrace natural, additive and chemical free products, then read on…

Pure Argan Oil versus Brands Containing Parabens

What Are Parabens?

Always read the LabelIf you have never heard of and don’t know what parabens are, then it is very important to educate yourself and learn all you can about them because parabens are commonly used across a whole spectrum of products as a preservative; and they are present in hundreds of everyday items.

Manufacturers use them to extend the shelf-life of products as the parabens protect against microbial growth. Read the label and you’ll find that they have many names; the most popular are methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben.

Parabens are not solely used within the beauty industry either, you’ll notice once you start reading labels that they’re present in drugs and as a food additive.

Commonly used in everyday toiletries such as underarm deodorant, moisturisers and body sprays, it’s been discovered that parabens can mimic oestrogen (the primary female sex hormone). Some scientists believe that parabens are carcinogenic (i.e. a substance directly involved with causing cancer).

You do have a choice you know, there’s much more to be gained by avoiding parabens completely.

100ml Pure Argan OilNatural Pure Argan Oil

100% paraben free Pure Argan oil is pure nut oil, extracted from the argan fruit which grows on the Argan trees of Morocco. This cold pressed oil is additive, preservative and chemical free and therefore you can use it with confidence, taking pride in the fact that it is completely natural and you are free from harm.

What Pure Argan Oil Can Do For You

Pure Argan Oil is mild and can be used as a moisturiser for your face and body. A ‘one-stop’ oil for skin and hair. When used as a hair conditioner it will leave no trace of product behind, just healthy, shiny hair.

Skin feels supple and displays a luminous radiance, all because this oil is 100% natural and works with your body to retain its natural moisture barrier.

Imagine what it feels like to be the best you can be and once you’ve tried Pure Argan oil you won’t have to imagine anymore. You’ll feel the benefits and others will notice the difference too.

The feedback we receive at Pure Argan oil is phenomenal and we take great pleasure in hearing how thousands of people are glad they’ve discovered Argan oil for themselves.

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