Argan Oil Capsules

Argan Oil has been used in Moroccan cooking for centuries and has only recently been adopted by the western world for medicinal purposes. Scientific research has proved that argan oil capsules are great for lowering cholesterol levels and with oral and external use can help relieve the symptoms caused by arthritis and rheumatism.

Argan Oil has been used by the berber tribe of southwest Morocco for centuries to help protect themselves from the harsh weather conditions and also to protect the skin from sun damage by applying the oil before going to bed.

Argan Oil Lowering Cholesterol

Argan Oil is rich in fatty acids and contains Vitamin E, phenols, linoleic acid, carotenoids and oleic acids. Oleic acids are perfect for lowering your cholesterol levels along with linoleic acid which help relax and improve the health of blood vessels helping reduce the risk of heart disease.

There are many reasons to use Argan Oil on your skin from anti-ageing to psoriasis treatment. Learn more on how to apply Argan oil.

We at Pure Argan Oil only sell 100% pure deodorised Argan Oil which has been authenticated and certified by the USDA and European Ecocert. To purchase our Argan Oil visit our Buy Now Page.

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