Argan Oil Facts

Moroccan DoorToday Argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world. It’s made from the fruit of the ancient Argan tree which grows in Souss valley south east of Agadir and north east Essouira in Morocco.

The Argan tree is believed to date back to the Tertiary period and back in the day covered North Africa and mainly due to climate change and over harvesting now exists only in south west Morocco.

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The Argan fruit is the size of an olive, which at first is green in colour, then as it matures begins to turn yellow. Once ripe the colour changes gradually to reddish brown and the fruit is harvested in late July.  A typical Argan tree will yield about 8 kilograms of fruit which is cold-pressed to extract Pure Argan Oil.

Cold-pressed oil contains no water, so the oil is pure. The main advantage to this is that the oil has a shelf life of 2 years as opposed to a few months because any water content would encourage oxidation and the oil itself would begin to degenerate within a short time.

Moroccan Oil Main Uses

100ml Pure Argan OilThe Berbers of south west Morocco have used Argan oil for centuries in a variety of ways. Pure Argan oil is deodorised and therefore has no scent, it can be applied to skin, nails and hair to nourish, enrich and moisturise these areas.

Moroccan babies are often massaged with Argan oil and locals insist that the oil itself is an excellent insect repellent. They believe in its remarkable health inducing properties and so do we.

Pure Argan oil slows down the aging process as it contains very high levels of vitamin E and other anti-oxidants counteracting the free radicals which damage skin causing it to age.

Argan oil helps to renew skin cells and saponins soften the skin, plump it up and effectively work with the body’s own natural moisture barrier to reduce dryness. The natural plant sterols have anti-inflammatory properties which reduce skin redness and dryness.

Argan Oil SmellArgan Massage Oil

Argan oil is one of the best oils to use in massage as it is not greasy and is light, mild and easily absorbed by the skin. It softens skin naturally and because it is anti-inflammatory can be used to treat many problem skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and any sore skin condition and the healing property in the oil aids skin repair.

Results are noticeable within about 3 days when used 3 times per day. It will restore suppleness to skin and increase elasticity.

Following too much sun exposure when you massage the sunburn with Pure Argan oil overnight the skin will repair itself.

100% Pure Argania Spinosa

There is no finer oil a body can use as it is 100% pure, chemical and additive free and because Pure Argan oil is cold-pressed it lasts for a long time. To maximise the benefits of this rare, remarkable oil it is best used regularly. Once you begin to feel better and look better you’ll be glad you chose Pure Argan Oil.

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