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Why Pure Argan Oil will help your Skin and Hair


With all the stresses and strains of modern day life, can you afford not to feed your skin?


Think of all the toxins you’re exposed to on a regular basis and that’s not to mention all the make-up you use daily which dries out your skin depleting your body of that much needed collagen that keeps you looking young.


DON’T WORRY; Argan Oil is an unrivalled all-natural tonic for your skin which is full of rich vitamins and minerals and it’s been used for centuries in Morocco!


At PureArganOil.co.uk we are the number 1 company on the web that sells

100% Pure ARGAN OIL for your skin and hairno additives or preservatives.


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What other people say About Pure Argan Oil


Thank you Pure Argan oil Team, Your service is Impeccable, Fantastic this is what customer service is about and I cannot express enough how wonderful your product is, it’s helped my combination skin it’s reduced lines it’s fantastic on my Curley hair as a watered down spritzer and a deep conditioner it’s helped my eczema patches and scurfy scalp during this cold winter. So Thank you all keep producing, I sure am helping by spreading the Argan word. Happy Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all Kind Regards  Sharron Jones (Buckinghamshire)


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About PureArganOil.co.uk

100ml Pure Argan Oil with Atomiser

We found that there are lots of products out there today both in shops and online selling Argan Oil contained within their products.


LISTEN UP: To get the most out of Argan Oil you need to use the 100% Pure Cold Pressed Argania Spinosa Oil.

Forget shampoos and conditioners that have the Argan Oil in them, that’s just a way for large companies to effectively market their product and get you to buy it. It gives a bad name to this fabulous oil and we want you to know that.


So how is our Pure Argan Oil Produced?


The argan fruit is collected in the UNESCO protected forest by the Berber women who work together in a co-operative in Southwest Morocco. The special nut is taken from the fruit and then mechanically cold-pressed to release the precious Argania Spinosa oil.


We use modern hygienic cold pressing techniques to produce our oil; these mechanical presses are also more effective than traditional methods of oil extraction this means less fruit is wasted and also lowers the cost of each batch. After our oil is produced each drop of our precious oil is Ecocert Approved and every batch of oil goes through rigorous testing to ensure that it is 100% Pure Argania Spinosa Oil with no additives or preservatives.

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