What does Moroccan Argan Oil Smell Like?

Depending on what type of Argan Oil you buy there may be a variety of different odours from it. You may be wondering why this is, so in this short but informative article we will talk about the different type of Oil available.

Argan Oil SmellWhat does Argan Oil Smell Like?

Culinary Argan Oil has a nutty aroma which adds flavour when cooking. To develop this flavour, the nuts of the Argan fruit are gently roasted before being pressed. This technique produces a well known Moroccan taste and goes very well with couscous but is undesirable for cosmetic use because of the nutty smell.

Roasted Argan Oil – As above and very similar to Culinary Argan Oil the nuts of the Argan tree have been roasted before being pressed, producing an undesirable smell for cosmetics, this is also a good cooking oil. The oil also loses vitamin content because the nuts have been roasted, this means that you will not see the same cosmetic results that you would with Pure Argan Oil.

Pure Virgin Deodorised Argan Oil – This is the oil we produce that our customers love. Our oil is cold pressed, so the Argan nuts are not roasted before hand. This means there is no smell produced, leaving only 100% Pure Argania Spinosa oil rich in vitamins and nutrients which are great for your skin.

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