Free Atomiser/Spray Pump with Every Purchase!

Editor Note (21/06/12): This is an outdated post, every customer now receives a free atomiser as standard with a 100ml bottle. Please visit our homepage for the latest from Pure Argan Oil

We are offering the first 100 people a Free Atomiser/Spray Pump with every purchase of Pure Argan Oil!

Free Argan Oil Atomiser!

100ml Pure Argan OilPure Argan Oil comes direct from the heart of Morocco and feels great on your skin. Considered one of the rarest oil in the world this miraculous oil as it is otherwise known is rich in vitamin E along with many other nutrients that is great for your hair and skin.

Along with this new aluminium (real aluminium neck, not sprayed) atomiser it is easy to dispenses doses of 0.14ml output per full compression so you will find it a lot easier to measure and dispense the oil onto your hair and hands.

Argan Oil has been used for a variety of ailments from acne to psoriasis and is great for conditioning hair leaving a natural shine and giving you healthy full bodied hair.

Visit our Buy Now page to purchase your 100ml Argan Oil Bottle with free Atomiser or click the Buy Now to the right of this page!

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