Reasons to Use Argan Oil for Psoriasis

body skin care imagePure Argan Oil has been used in Morocco for centuries to help alleviate the symptoms of Psoriasis. In recent years this has been adopted in the western world and has since been known as the Miraculous Oil.

Alleviate the Symptoms of Psoriasis

Produced from the Argan Trees that grow only on the Souss plains in southwest Morocco, Argan oil contains a high amount of vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant – which has been scientifically proven to help nourish and repair the skin.

According the BUPA’s Health Team, Psoriasis affects around 2 in 100 people and can begin at any age affecting both men and women. Psoriasis occurs when the body’s immune system sends out faulty signals increasing the growth cycle of skin cells. There are several types of psoriasis, the most common being plaque which is silver in appearance. Plaque psoriasis can affect any part of the human body but is most likely to be found on the elbows, knees, hands and feet. Up to 40% of sufferers of Psoriasis are also affected by Psoriasis arthritis as the Psoriasis can heavily affect the joints and cause inflammation.

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100ml Pure Argan OilHow can Argan Oil help my Psoriasis

If you have recently developed symptoms which you suspect may be Psoriasis then it is best to consult a medical professional to help you fight the problem. For those chronic sufferers, you will already be aware at just how expensive some treatments are for this affliction; however there is good news and it comes in the form of all natural treatments.

Psoriasis isn’t contagious however it is a condition that can spread over the body if left untreated. If you have let your psoriasis spread, you may have lost hope for all modern treatments. Do not fear, Pure Argan Oil can help you.

The naturally unique blend of vitamins and nutrients found in Pure 100% Argan Oil can help reduce the burning and itching sensation that are common symptoms of psoriasis. This Moroccan oil helps retain the

natural moisture of the body’s skin helping effectively treat dry skin patches.

How to Manage Psoriasis with Argan Oil

It is important to have a strict routine if you want to relieve the symptoms of Psoriasis. Applying Argan Oil regularly to the affected area once or twice a day will not only noticeably reduce redness and flaking skin it will also help radically reduce the signs of ageing when used on healthier areas of your skin. The powerful anti-ageing properties of Argan Oil have been used to help scarred skin and damaged nails repair and over time see a great improvement in the health of the body’s skin. Learn more about how to apply Pure Argan Oil.

We at Pure Argan Oil only sell 100% pure deodorised Argan Oil which has been authenticated and certified by the USDA and European Ecocert.

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